Over flowing with veggies. Spring Sale continues at the farm stand! CSA Information. Veggie List 3/23/13

Bell peppers from Tonopah Rob's Vegetable Farm in Tonopah, Arizona

Aren’t these peppers beautiful?  These and more will soon don the tables at Tonopah Rob’s Vegetable Farm.

This is the time of season when the farm transitions from winter to summer crops.  There is an over flowing abundance of veggies at the farm.  Thousands of pounds of all natural produce is waiting for you and your family so come on over and get giggy with it at the farm stand.

If you are juicing, eating raw veggies or want to stay as fit as a fiddle then come to the farm and shop.  Prices are fantastic. I don’t know of any place one can acquire better produce than at the farm in Tonopah……and the spring sale continues.

russian kale growing on tonopah rob's farm

This is the new Prozac!  Kale, lots of kale.  Tonopah Rob has blended several varieties together to make this beautiful healthy mix.  Kale is packed with more umph than a can of Popeye’s spinach.

CSA Information:

Tonopah Rob’s farm is rocking and rolling with CSA memberships.  People are realizing, especially this day and age, money is tight and staying healthy can be costly.  Tonopah Rob offers three solutions to eating healthy by offering different sizes of farm shares. Half, Full and Super Duper. There are several ways to participate in Community Supported Agriculture or better known by many as CSA.  One can shop at the Farm Stand Only (FSO) or at a market location and  receive unbelievable bonus money. It’s the coolest CSA program around.

The farm opens its season in November and all CSA contracts expire in mid/late June.  Tonopah Rob realizes he cannot control Mother Nature.  Rob also may take one or two trips to farming conferences. With this in mind, he always extends the contract season into mid July.  This way it gives all CSA members several more chances to exhaust their balance by making up any days due to some kind of closure.

The most frequently asked question is: How long does the share last?  It can stretch as long as you want it to, meaning if you just buy a thing or two every time you shop your share may last the season.  The farm does not stop growing food and because of how much it produces each week, it continues to grow every day and each week more and more produce ripens so it is encouraged to spend your bucks regularly at the farm or market location and use up your share and renew.  Many CSA members whom enroll by November consume their share by February and renew again by late April. By the end of July that share could possibly be depleted and again it’s encouraged to sign up for the following season and all bonus money is again applied to your beginning balance.

The second most frequently asked question is:  How does one know their balance?  Every four to five weeks, Tonopah Rob sends an email to each member stating the remaining balance.  He knows this because every time a member shops from a location, a receipt is given to the member, he keeps a copy, totals the balance and sends it to the member.  A member doesn’t need to worry about bringing cash or debit cards because the account was prepaid. It is that simple.

A Half Share FSO will receive 150.00 dollars in bonus bucks totaling 400.00 dollars of start up money in what Rob calls a revolving account and there is no weekly commitment, no weekly box and each share holder chooses the veggies they want to purchase.

The Full Share costs 500.00 dollars. Shopping at the FSO, a full share receives 175.00 dollars of bonus money giving a grand total of 675.00 dollars good towards all the fruit, veggies, pure raw honey, eggs and fresh cut flowers one may desire.  If signing up late in the year and you do not use all the money by the end of the season and are diligent with making trips to the farm, Rob will roll the full or half share balance over to the following season.

The  Super Duper Share has no limitations.  Super Dupers can shop at any location Tonopah Rob sells his wares.  The cost of the Super Duper share is 1000.00 dollars. Per each thousand dollar share, a 500.00 dollar credit is awarded to the beginning balance and starts with 1500.00 dollars.  It rolls over season after season until it’s exhausted.

Tonopah Rob encourages each member to shop the FSO or market location as often as possible because you can renew your membership and again receive the same incredible bonus bucks. He knows he cannot be a box store, so he grows hundreds of different varieties of seasonal produce with the hopes of you making less trips to those stores or at least bypassing the produce isle.

If one cannot make the trip to the farm but wants to join the program, each full or half share will receive a 100.00 bonus.  All rules apply except for the bonus money. Rob is extending the bonus money to the end of April.  Although the total amount of bonus money is less, one can still reap the benefits by joining Tonopah Rob’s convenient CSA program.  Want to read more about the CSA program? Click onto the above links: CSA Information and CSA Contract. Call or email Tonopah Rob if you have questions.  623 386 3033.

all natural strawberries grown on Tonopah Rob's Farm

I know, they look delicious and taste soooo goood! Strawberries are a few weeks away. 

Here’s the veggie list:

  • Brussel’s Sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Onions
  • Dill
  • Cilantro
  • Cauliflower
  • Beets of all colors
  • Assorted Turnips
  • Watermelon Radishes
  • Carrots
  • Fresh Eggs
  • Swiss Chard
  • Heirloom Spinach-desert mix
  • Sweet salad radishes
  • Assorted Lettuce Heads
  • All Salad Mix
  • Kale
  • maybe a surprise or two
  • By the way, the pictures taken on my web site were taken by my BFF, John Wise and myself.