This past weekend green beans were a hot seller. The dragon tongue beans, which taste just like regular green beans, only better, were almost as popular. As I try to offer varieties of vegetables not found in the large grocery stores, I have a hope that customers will be a little more adventurous when it comes to trying produce not found elsewhere. But as the creatures of habit that we are, people unfamiliar with new varieties are sometimes slow to decide to take the plunge. I would like to continue offering these rare veggies but will need the support of my customers to step up and try things like purple carrots, cranberry beans, purple and orange cauliflower, mantanghong radishes, and dragon tongue beans. It wasn’t too long ago that most of us bought iceberg lettuce exclusively, now how many turn up their nose to plain old iceberg and have been opting for red leaf, butterhead, romaine, and exotic salad mix lettuces? Maybe I should write Paula Deen from the Food Channel and ask her to do a show about strange vegetables.