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Starring this weekend, Salad Sweeties, (pictured above), will be on the tables. Sweeties are an English Turnip, Tonopah Rob actually gets the seed from England. They have a sweet melon like flavor, best eaten raw, sliced onto a salad. Salad Sweeties are the most popular turnip sold from Tonopah Rob’s farm.  

As more and more people become educated; how, where and all the questions that come along with the way or ways food is grown, people are finding out there is a difference between organic, naturally grown and all naturally grown.

Naturally Grown or Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) farmers think, at least the ones I’ve interviewed, all have the same opinion in common, it’s ok to use soft insecticides and pesticides as well as using garlic and cayenne pepper sprays and other botanical because it comes from plants or minerals. All of the CNG farmers interviewed claim they are better than organic because they use less pesticide than organic farmers but both methods use most of the same chemicals but at different application rates.  Nearly all forms of insect control have some sort of inert ingredient, synthetic or other compound to help activate the botanical part of the “cides”.  It’s not natural to spray garlic or cayenne pepper on plants, if it were, the rain would smell funny.

The difference between naturally grown and all naturally grown are huge.  First of all, there are no chemicals, sprays or concoctions used in all natural farming. All natural farming is a nature grown method, the vegetables and fruit grow within their season and sometimes there are two seasons for some varieties but they grow all naturally, using the health of the soil, micro-organisms, worms and plant material to keep their leaves sweet in which they continue to grow a very healthy and complex root system preventing non beneficial insects from destroying the plants.

Natural farming practices allow large animal manures, all natural farming methods do not use large animal manure unless it has time to age for at least five years, but on Tonopah Rob’s farm, no large animal manure is used mainly due to the hormone and antibiotics found in animal waste. If you think about it, a neighbor has a horse that has been sick for weeks and on antibiotics; it poops, it’s cleaned up and onto the garden it goes. Commercially, manure is sold from dairies, horse corrals, livestock yards and bags of manure can be purchased from garden nursery’s and box stores. There are many sick animals found in those living conditions on a monthly basis, if they are not euthanized, they are injected with antibiotics. Dairy cows are given hormones to keep producing milk way past their post pregnancy. If the manure in the compost is not fully composted, vegetables and plants absorb the bad stuff and is then passed onto you whom is at the top of this food chain,……. you become ill and can’t get rid of your cold for a month.

Tonopah Rob’s All Natural or Nature Grown farm uses the wind and moon cycles for planting and crop maintenance. Some crops are planted tightly, twisting their leaves around each other for protection and combining aromas to confuse the senses of insects. The type of water used to irrigate crops are important too.  Pure well water is used for irrigation, not canal water or city water, just pure well water.  In order to have great resources, Rob’s farm is away from the city, out in the desert where the land and water is pure and auto pollution is less abrasive, meaning, I don’t trust food grown by a busy freeway or down stream from a cement chemical plant.

Why is this farming so important?  It will help make your body feel like a temple.  It’s important we all feel good.  It’s important to take care of ourselves, then we can be strong for those that aren’t.  We can be examples of health, envied by those that are not. People will notice and soon they will want what we have been doing for years.  They too, will become tired of the struggle, tired of carrying extra weight, exhausted from just getting up out of bed in the morning and pure food is important for those that are ill and in need medical help, pure food will boost the immune system, create more positive energy for your temple.

Compared to all of the other growing methods, an all natural nature grown approach to farming is the healthiest way a person can consume produce and benefit from all of its vitamins, minerals and proteins.  Come on out to the farm for a tour, stop by one of the selling locations and pick up your perfect food for your temple.

Market Locations this week:

Tonopah Rob will be selling at three locations this week.  Sun City Grand Farmers Market this Saturday from 9 to 1p.m.  Penlina Farmers Market from 8 to noon at the Peoria Sports Complex and Tonopah Rob’s Farm Stand from 8 to noon and finally on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. the Desert Ridge Farmers Market. For complete details, click onto the above tab directions to the markets.

Volunteer help is needed.  Since this is the giving season……and if you are feeling charitable and want to help, please contact Tonopah Rob.  The busy days on the farm are Wednesday through Friday beginning around 10 a.m.  We would begin sooner but the garden hoses are freezing every night and around 10 a.m. the freeze has lifted which allows us to begin weeding and harvesting. If you have four or five hours and want to hop over fences, perform a lot of bend over exercises, build your biceps and firm your buns, this is the place for your burst of energy.  And a huge hug and handshake goes to all of the volunteers and helpers, thank you for your support.

Veggie List:

  • Desert Heirloom Spinach Mix
  • Romaine Lettuce Salad Mix
  • Eggplant
  • Watermelon Radishes
  • Salad Sweeties
  • Assorted Salad Radishes
  • Bell Peppers
  • Jalapeno Peppers
  • Zucchini Squash
  • Lemons
  • Cucumbers
  • Fresh Eggs
  • Flower bouquets
  • One well aged and splintered wooden shovel handle
  • Maybe a surprise or two





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