End of the season….but there will be monthly markets / order eggs

Onions going to seed on Tonopah Rob's Vegetable Farm in Tonopah, Arizona

The above picture shows onion plants going to seed.  Pretty cool eh?

It was an amazing year.  The farm produced tons of food, fed over 5000 people a month and the farm stand was able to stay open nearly a month longer than anticipated.  2013′s summer gave way to a very mild winter, hardly two weeks of freeze. Then the mild and somewhat cool spring had a burst or two of above seasonal temperatures which led the way to a beautiful early summer.  That early and not so hot beginning allowed tomatoes to grow fast, huge and sweet.

The high heat we just had over this past week boiled all the remaining tomatoes still on the vines. Yep, tomato season is over as are most of the crops.  There are crops growing right now but they need time to mature.  For a few weeks the farm will be closed so for now it’s the end of the season……but there will be monthly markets.

Tonopah Rob never knows until the week of the market. All expected crops need to be ripe and ready to pick at the same time the same week.  Once everything lines up, an email will be sent out to all on Tonopah Rob’s list. (You can send Tonopah Rob an email requesting your name to be added to the weekly email). Sometimes, it’s a last-minute decision to open the farm stand, so when the email is sent be ready to put on your shopping shoes and get to the farm.

Many folks have asked about buying eggs over the summer.  Yes, please send me an email or call and come out to the farm and get eggy  with it.

Thank you to all whom have helped make the farm your wellness center.  I am thankful for your support. I love to farm for you.

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