Memorial Day Weekend ~ Summer Hours ~ Tomato Season

Tonopah Rob’s Vegetable Farm will be closed this upcoming weekend in observance of the holiday weekend. Upon reopening new summer hours will begin.  7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. the farm stand will be open for business.


It’s time to get your groove on and get creative with tomatoes.  That’s right, tomato season is here. The farm stand will be loaded with delicious,juicy tomatoes.  There will be red, green, small, large and many other shapes, sizes and colors.  Slice, quarter or half these amazing fruits, a little or a lot of salt and pepper and eat them fresh.  Or, wash and freeze them whole.  Or, blanch them in boiling water, let them sit for a minute or two,  peel and freeze them.  You can make salsa, marinara sauce, chili, stews and all kinds of other recipes.  Google is your best friend and so is your imagination. So, come to the farm stand and get your tomatoes.

Bring your cloth bags, boxes, egg cartons and plastic bags to the farm.  Recycle and reuse.  Bring only the good bags and clean egg cartons, thank you.

Also, all CSA members the end of the season is June 18, 2016.  Make sure use up your balance.  There are no roll over balances to the next season. Please know all of your support has been greatly appreciated.


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